Mortgage News January 29, 2020
LVR Restrictions Could Tighten

The New Zealand property market is showing new signs of life, as low interest rates and relatively relaxed loan-to-value ratio (LVR) limits work their magic across the country. Even Auckland's struggling market is finally back in the black, with Wellington and select regional markets forging ahead at great speed. While many people across the country are welcoming the new normal, according to ANZ, the Reserve Bank could tighten LVR restrictions if the market shows any real signs of taking off.

NZ Renters Struggling

Renters continue to struggle across New Zealand, with limited housing stock and rising prices putting renewed pressure on the rental market. According to the latest data from Statistics NZ, rental prices were up 3.4% in December compared to the year before. While renters in Auckland had a reprieve in 2019 due to the ongoing market slump, rental prices in Wellington and many regional markets climbed dramatically.

Are We Ready for a Shorter Working Day

The modern working day almost seems set in stone, with eight solid hours each day and 40 long hours stretched out over the week. Some forward-thinking organisations are trying to change the status quo, however, with time-limited working weeks and shorter days both trialled over recent years. As workloads shift and lifestyles become increasingly stretched, it turns out that working less may be the best way to accomplish more.

Stairs & Hills for Health

When it comes to exercise, the steepness of the slope has a huge effect on the final outcome. Rather than working out for hours in a flat and stable environment, fitness lovers are doing more with less by learning to enjoy the climb. Whether it's taking the stairs to work or choosing the hilly section for your evening run, the underlying principle of high intensity interval training (HIIT) can be applied to any situation where there is a curve.

Chinese Advances on AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to shape our future, with everything from workplace productivity to military might influenced by the intersection of technology and cognition. While the long-term outcomes of AI remain completely unknown, key advances in smart computing are already having a profound effect on how we work and play. China is gaining an edge in this brave new world, with other nations increasingly interested, and concerned, about the influence of AI beyond national borders and recognised systems of control.


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